The Saqpol Decor team provides pots, trash cans, planters made of fiberglass and other materials, lighting products, artificial plants, outdoor and indoor furniture, decorative items and top quality accessories for hotels.

We are focused on the quality and service that our customers seek, to facilitate the ability to offer their guests an unparalleled experience with fine products, innovative design and functionality.

Our commitment is to make your needs our own.

More than providers of articles, we are providers of quality and solutions.

Dedicated to the online marketing of multi-brand products, our trademarks stand for: quality, fast deliveries, selected suppliers from different countries and superior customer service; all backed by a dedicated team of professionals & up to date e-commerce technologies.

Handcrafted Decor Goods

Making New Parents Life Simpler & Delightful

Goods for Outdoor Sports: Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Camping & More ¡¡

Energetic intelligent Systems.

Self-adhesive Holographic Devices that work at the cellular level through acupuncture points, achieving incredible benefits for the being.

Supplies for Home Care & other Innovative Health Products